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I had the pleasure of entertaining the wonderful folks at Tesco this Christmas in Stevenage.

The venue was a personal favourite, the famous Knebworth House. I have done a few weddings there before, so luckily knew the way without much need for my iPhone’s Tom Tom navigation. Upon arriving at the venue I made my way to the changing rooms and got changed whilst hiding everything that needed hiding (mostly up my sleeves).

I started out by performing some mix and mingle magic for the guests whilst they arrived at the venue, however most seemed eager to get a few glasses of wine down first! I had lots of fun performing all of my close-up tricks and gags and had a few of the groups in stitches due to my rather cheeky one liners.

After an hour of close-up magic I was unable to contain my cold, acquired from the previous 12 gigs I had done that fortnight and began to feel a tickle in my throat. Whilst the guests made their way to the banquet room, I downed a few glasses of smooth orange juice and bam! I was ready to go.

I then proceeded to perform my table magic act on the guests in between their courses. After I had killed half the tables in the room with my close-up act, I was clocked out and ready to go.

My lovely client Charlotte then invited  me over to the top table (where I had previously left them in out-roars of laughter) to join them for a meal. Sat in between the directors of Tesco and Coca Cola, I munched away at my 17th Turkey dinner of the month!

All in all, it was a fantastic night and I had lots of fun entertaining everyone with my close-up magic.

I will look forward to seeing them all soon at their next event.





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